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Limited Edition Print "Follow Me" by Mort Kunstler
Item #: WR1104
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This is an unframed limited edition print entitled "Follow Me" by renowned Civil War artist Mort Kunstler. The print depicts Brigadier General Lewis Armistead leading his brigade towards the stonewall along Cemetery Ridge on the final day of battle at Gettysburg. This bloody, hard fought battle would take on the name "Pickett's Charge", and Armistead would lead his men into the very worst part of the fighting. The certificate of authenticity describes the struggle that day. "Just ahead lies the stone wall. Battered but determined, a surviving handful of men in gray presses forward beneath tattered flags, charging desperately into the smoke and flame of battle on Cemetery Ridge. They are the men of Armistead's Brigade, the few sons of the South to reach the objective of Pickett's Charge, and they follow Brigadier General Lewis Armistead. They have made the march of death, across the open fields raked by enemy artillery, over the splintered post and rail fences swept by the fiery storm, and up the smokey slope into the massed fire of several thousand Federal guns. "Follow me!" shouts Armistead, "give them the cold steel!" And over the wall they go. The entire line disappeared into the dust and smoke that overhang the ridge. The gaunt, desperate men in the thin Southern ranks are grappling with the Federals beyond the stone wall. All of the might of the enemy is now thrown against them. They struggle, they stab, they use the butt end of musket they cannot load. It is hell, it is death for the bravest of them. A mat of fallen red flags lies under the trees. Fallen too is Armistead, mortally wounded with one hand on the warm barrel of an enemy cannon. It is the high water mark of the Confederacy, the early end of the quest for Southern Independence, the beginning of eventual victory for the Northern armies, and the birth of the legend of Pickett's Charge. In the faraway future, when the young men in blue and gray who made history here are white headed veterans of a distant war, they will walk these grounds again in reunion as reconciled friends and Americans all. And they will remember the courage and sacrifice displayed by both sides at the stone wall atop Cemetery Ridge." As with all Kunstler prints, the clarity and detail of the print is incredible. The image size is 18 3/8" high and 28 1/2" wide, with an overall size of 23 3/8" high and 32 1/2" high. When this print is double matted and in a military style frame it will add some serious bang to your war room!
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