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US Belt Rig
Item #: WR6
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This is a belt rig comprised of a Model 1839 Dragoon belt plate, buff leather belt, Model 1855 bayonet with scabbard and an S.H. Young manufactured cap box. It appears that this rig belonged to a northern militia soldier that went off to fight in the Civil War. The Dragoon belt plate and belt are Mexican War era. The plate is in good condition and shows honest wear from long ago. There are a couple of nicks along the upper edge and some minor scratching across the face. The puppy paw style studs are behind the letter S, while the fastening hook is behind the U. The plate has a beautiful mustard yellow patina and practically glows at you! The buff leather belt is in remarkably good condition. The outside of the leather is buff while the side against the wearer is smooth. The leather is still very flexible and has no cracks or damage of any kind. The bayonet and scabbard are of the Model 1855 variety. The bayonet is 21" overall, with an 18 blade and 3" socket. The locking ring is intact and works perfectly. There is some surface rust on the blade that could be cleaned up with a little oil and elbow grease. I'll leave that up to the buyer. The US stamping is still visible, but is a little faint. The leather scabbard is also in very good condition. The stitching is still very strong and complete. The scabbard features the two copper rivets of the type II scabbard. The brass tip is securely attached to the scabbard. The cap box is a product of Steven H. Young & Company of Newark, New Jersey. The outer flap has the US Ordnance sub inspectors stamp of R. WHITE. The inner flap is stamped S.H. Young & Co. Newark, N.J. The pick and wool are no longer with the box. But really, that's the only flaw with the whole rig. It looks as though some Yankee Militia soldier took his pap's Mexican war belt and buckle and went off to fight in the American Civil War. Apparently he survived and returned with the belt and accoutrements you see today. This one is definitely strong enough to display on a mannequin!
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