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Confederate Quartermaster Invoice Dated March 1862
Item #: WR863
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This is a Confederate Quartermaster invoice for supplies issued during the month of March, 1862 to a Captain James L. Powers. The supply form itself is an actual Confederate form, not a crossed out copy of a Union form. This Quartermaster's invoice was for Company C, Louisiana 2nd French Military Infantry. The first entry is on March 10th for 25 bushels of coal. on the 12th of March they received 420 pounds of hay, 360 pounds of corn and 4 bags (?). 13 March 3320 pounds of straw and 17 1/4 cords of wood. 14 March 100 cords of wood. 15 March 750 pounds of straw, 25 1/4 cords of wood. 17 March 2478 pounds of straw. 19 March 420 pounds of hay, 360 pounds of corn, 4 bags (?) and one cord of wood. 20 March 420 pounds of hay, 360 pounds of corn, 4 bags (?), 654 pounds of straw and 11 cords of wood. 29 March 840 pounds of hay, 720 pounds of corn, 7 bags (?) and 10 cords of wood. The bottom of the form is signed Jno. B. Whitfield/ CAPT LA 2 M. This document is in very good condition, having no holes, rips, tears or folded corners. The ink is not smudged and the writing is very legible. This is a pretty rare Confederate document that has survived the last 160 years in amazing condition.
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