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Excavated Paul Jones Amber Whiskey Bottle Recovered at Ft Supply, Oklahoma
Item #: WR824
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This is a late 1800's amber whiskey bottle from the Paul Jones Distillery in Louisville, Kentucky. The small sampler size bottle is in very good condition, having no chips cracks or breaks in the glass. There is a raised glass seal on the front of the bottle that has the PAUL JONES name. The bottom of the bottle has a 6 and 4 with an emblem I can't make out between the two numbers. Jones began making whiskey in Georgia in 1865. He moved his operation to Louisville, Kentucky in 1866. In the 1880's he trademarked the Four Roses label, but I believe this bottle predates that. The bottle measures 3 3/4" tall, 1 1/4" across the base and 3/4" across the opening. This miniature whiskey bottle was recovered near Ft Supply, Oklahoma. Camp Supply was established in 1868 for the winter campaign against the Plains Indian of the western territories conducted by General Sheridan. The military presence was felt for the next 25 years as soldiers patrolled the region in an effort to contain the tribes and keep out trespassers. Buffalo hunters, timber and horse thieves, whiskey traders and boomers were a continual threat to stability on the region. Cavalry troops escorted cattle drives and protected the stage coaches, freight haulers and travelers as they moved through the area. The Army closed Fort Supply in 1894. Chances are this bottle was brought to that area by one of the whiskey traders as a sample of the product. If you collect old bottles, or Indian War relics, this is a candidate for either!
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