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Association of Confederate Soldiers Charter for Turney Bivouac No. 13 Winchester, Tn
Item #: WR791
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This is a charter from the Association of Confederate Soldiers for the Turney Bivouac Number 13 that was located in Winchester, Tennessee. The Association of the Confederate Soldiers was founded in 1885 as the Tennessee Confederate Memorial and Historical Association. In 1887 the name was changed to The Association of the Confederate Soldiers. In 1889 the Association of Confederate Soldiers affiliated with the United Confederate Veterans and the term bivouac gave way to camp. The bivouacs were named in honor of notable Confederate soldiers. Bivouac Number 13 in Franklin County, Winchester, Tennessee was named after Colonel Peter Turney, former commander of the 1st Tennessee Infantry Regiment, part of the Tennessee Brigade that served with the Army of Northern Virginia. Turney commanded the 1st Tennessee from the First Battle of Bull Run in July, 1861 until his wounding in December, 1862 at the Battle of Fredericksburg. He was given an administrative command in Florida and never rejoined the regiment. This original Association of Confederate Soldiers document is in amazing condition. It is framed in a double matt format along with an image (not period) of Benjamin Gabriel Slaughter. Slaughter was a 17 year old teenager from Danville, Kentucky when he joined Company A, 2nd Kentucky Cavalry Regiment. He scouted for John Hunt Morgan, and had a very eventful time in the war. He was captured, escaped and wounded twice during the war. He managed to survive the war. He eventually settled in Winchester, Tennessee and helped organize the Turney Bivouac. His name is the first one listed on the charter, along with 19 other Confederate veterans. The charter lists the name of the bivouac, Turney, and the number 13. It further states the bivouac is to be located at Winchester, County of Franklin, in the state of Tennessee. The document was signed and given the official seal of the Association of Confederate Soldiers in Nashville, Tn. on 15 July, 1889 and is signed by Thomas F. Perkins, President and Johnathan P. Hickman, Secretary of the association. If you are a UCV collector, this thing has really got to get you going! An actual document from the precursor of the UCV dated 1889, and associated with two very notable Confederates, one of Morgan's Cavaliers and the original commander of the 1st Tennessee!
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